If you are a fan of ICO and cryptocurrencies, then no doubt at some stage you will have taken to YouTube to find some information and advice.

After all, for the uninitiated the world of cryptocurrencies can seem bewildering, with a whole host of jargon and strange terminology all of its own.

YouTube is awash with cryptocurrency enthusiasts offering all kinds of advice, some good but unfortunately much of it bad. There are a great deal of scam artists and chancers out there all too willing to point you in the direction of Ponzi schemes and the like that they profit from if you sign up to.

Witness the collapse of sites like Bitconnect in 2017, which had a legion of promoters behind it making huge affiliate fees. The site turned out to be a Ponzi scheme however and sadly lost some unsuspecting people a lot of money.

At the same time, there are some crypto YouTubers who are well-meaning, but somewhat misguided and others who have a habit of picking bad coins to invest in or make outlandish claims like “this coin will 100x” or “the next crypto to make you a millionaire” without really researching them properly on knowing what they are talking about.

You see unlike the stock market, the cryptocurrency markets are completely unregulated so anyone can offer their opinion and claim to be an “expert,” even though they may have had no training whatsoever.

Fortunately amongst this sea of misinformation and ill intention there are a few “diamonds in the rough” — some honest and genuine individuals who do a lot of research, really know their stuff and offer sound, sensible and hype-free advice.

Knowing who these people are and listening to them can save you a huge amount of time and money and put you ahead of the vast majority of crypto investors. Finding them has taken me many months of trying and hundreds of hours of videos, but it has been worth it in the end!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of the Top 5 Cryptocurrency YouTubers.

Young and Investing

Run by a chap called Quentin, Young and Investing has a number of qualities that mark him out as one of the top crypto YouTubers. He was one of the people who was vocal about Bitconnect and related sites being scams and was obviously proved right about that.

His channel is an interesting mix of ICO reviews, coin analysis, interviews and market updates. What I particularly enjoy are his segments “Top 3 ICOs of the month” or “Top 3 coins of the month,” which give you some ideas for tokens that might be worth investing in. Plus Quentin is one of the few YouTubers to actually track the investments in his portfolio, so you can see how well he has done. It’s that kind of transparency that is really good to see.

The Cryptoniac

The Cryptoniac focuses mainly on reviews of ICOs and is quite prolific in terms of the videos he churns out. It is reassuring that the reviews follow a standard structure in terms of assessing the ICOs, whereby he looks at the key aspects such as the problem being addressed (if there is one), the team, whether the project looks legit, the token model and so on.

Unlike some reviewers who just read through a project’s White Paper without giving any analysis, the Cryptoniac presents his own views on whether he thinks the project will be a success, what the potential problems may be and whether he will be investing himself, so it’s a good starting point for learning more about an ICO and whether it might be worth participating in.

Keith Wareing

Taking the number one spot of Best Cryptocurrency Youtuber is none other than the Keith Wareing.

There is a great deal to like about Keith. First up you have his easy-going, affable style and sense of humour that make his videos so enjoyable to watch. Then you have the in-depth reviews and interviews that really take a deep dive into what various coins are all about. On top of that are his excellent news updates, where he covers all the latest Bitcoin-related developments around the world with a keen eye for reading between the lines.

Perhaps most of all though is that in all his content Keith provides a level of insight you don’t tend to get elsewhere. He sees things on another level to the vast majority of commentators out there and conveys the big picture behind the blockchain revolution and how it is unfolding.

So it is always Keith’s videos I check out first when I go onto YouTube in the morning for the overall quality and insight of his content.

Crypto Gurus

At number two we have a relative new kid on the block but no less relevant for it and that is the channel Crypto Gurus. Run by two English business majors called Tom and Aaron, it has quickly established a big following and deservedly so.

The focus is primarily on ICOs and they do some of the most in-depth reviews you will find anywhere. Particularly impressive is their analysis of token economics and really getting to the core of whether a token is likely to increase in value and the reasons for it or whether it is just hyped.

They are also running a “$2.5k to $250k Challenge” where they will be trying to grow a $2,500 dollar investment in crypto into $250,000. They are completely transparent about their portfolio which is good to see. The logic of their investments is also clearly set out and it will be interesting to see how the whole thing turns out for them. Either way though it is one of the best crypto-related YouTube channels I have come across so far.


One of the most popular cryptocurrency-related channels on Youtube, Datadash was also one of the earliest channels to start focusing on the blockchain sphere.

Run by a guy called Nick Merton, the channel contains a mixture of news, interviews, coins to watch, trading tips, live chats and more. It’s quite an interactive experience and Nick is even doing tours now to speak to his fans directly at conferences and the like.

His views are generally respected and rightfully so — Nick is very knowledgeable on the subjects of cryptocurrency and technology and there is a great deal to learn from following the channel.

Posted by George Harrison

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