Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has made’s Bitcoin wallet app available in its AppGallery, a smartphone marketplace that will come preinstalled on its newest devices – and made available to users of older handsets in “coming months.”

Bloomberg quotes Alejandro de la Torre,’s vice president of business operations, as saying, “It’s a good opportunity to tap into the Chinese market. The use of cashless payments with apps is very big [in China] and the traditional banking system is lacking, so there’s a good use case for crypto payments to grow there.”

The vice president of Huawei’s mobile services, Jaime Gonzalo, said, “From our leadership position in China, the tip of the spear of mobile payments, we expect to see massive growth in global cryptocurrency adoption habits in the near future.”

Chinese investors currently have limited access to crytpocurrency apps, as the Google‘s Play Store is banned in mainland China, and Apple’s App Store is also heavily filtered by the government. Interest in cryptocurrencies remains high in China, despite last year’s initial coin offering (ICO) and exchange platform ban – and mining regulations introduced this year.

Many people believe the Chinese smartphone maker is also on the verge of unveiling a blockchain technology-ready handset, following a meeting earlier this year with Sirin Labs, the company who last year unveiled the world’s first blockchain mobile phone.

Posted by George Harrison

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